Marc Eliot Stein tweeted about what he called "the state of the art of web development".


Class of 2020 tee shirt

While walking around the East Village today I saw a young woman wearing a tee shirt that said, "Class of 2020".


A Sunday Afternoon in Father Demo Square

A guy sat down on the bench right next to me. On the same particular bench I was sitting on. With no metal divider to separate us. No metal arm rest delimiter to comfort me. This brash man had a sketch book and a felt-tip pen. The sketch book appeared to be about four inches by six inches in size. The pen was a Sharpie. He made a quick sketch of the scene in front of our bench. People sitting on the steps of the pedestal of the flowing fountain in the center of this small gem of a park. And the trees and building in the distance.

I refused to brandish my notebook and ball point pen in the presence of the old fart with the Sharpie. It was bad enough that he had surprised me with my Susan Howe Souls of the Labadie Tract wide open to the poem "118 Westerly Terrace". I had to abandon my idea of pulling out my Dixon Ticonderoga Black #2 pencil and trace the forms created on the pages of Susan Howe's book by the modulations of sunlight and tree shade right on the pages, pages speckled with tiny dots of black ink, apparent printing plant imperfections.


¿por qué vida?

la poesía o
la unidad la
misma que
la poesía o
texto el mismo
que poesîa y
unidad combinada


Looking at the blog archive and I realize that I didn't post anything to this blog in 2007. Reading George Tabb's crazy funny sad book Playing Right Field: A Jew Grows in Greenwich. George lives in my building and has a great little dog named Scooter.


Bringing this one back to life. It's crazy but I'm doing a Wordpress blog, a LiveJournal blog, and this Blogspot blog. Not to mention Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.